King Skarl
King Skarl
King Skarl
Chapter Meridell
Region Plains of Retreat
Town Ramtor's Tower
Gender male
You say, "Where is the king now?"

Guard Zanale says, "I'm not sure. I remember pretty clearly, he had us take the king to a wagon outside the castle gate, but other guards took over at that point. I can't say for certain where, though.

—Conversation with Guard Zanale, Meridell Castle

King Skarl is a character from Meridell. He is imprisoned during all of the first chapter by his advisor and successor, Ramtor. Denizens across the land of Meridell discuss about how the king was imprisoned by his advisor, but nobody knows of his whereabouts or safety. When on their way to confront Ramtor for the second time, Rohane and Mipsy can speak with King Skarl in the basement of Ramtor's Tower. He explains simply that only defeating Ramtor can set him free.

During the Meridell cutscene after defeating Ramtor, King Skarl can be seen returned to the throne once more, declaring the day forever be remembered as "Rohane day".

Conversation Edit

King Skarl

King Skarl

King Skarl looks up as you approach his cell. He eyes you warily. "Are you another of Ramtor's enthralled servants? What do you want?"

You say, "No, I am here to free you."

King Skarl leaps to his feet. His eyes glint. "Indeed? Then you will need to defeat Ramtor, for he alone has the keys to my cell. He is on the uppermost level of this tower, unless I miss my guess. I wish there were any other advice or information I could give you about him... but he is a powerful wizard. You will need all your strength to defeat him. Good luck."